Improve Conversion Rates with Better Funnel Metrics

If you’ve ever been overwhelmed by the number of funnels on a campaign or felt unsure about which funnel will perform best, then you’re going to love our newest feature. 

Squaredance team

February 9, 2023

📢 Attention all partners! 

If you’ve ever been overwhelmed by the amount of funnels on a campaign, or felt unsure about which funnel will perform best, then you’re going to love our newest feature. 

Introducing: Funnel Metrics! 

Watch our Head of Product demonstrate how it works in the video below 👇

What are Funnel Metrics? 

Funnel metrics are essentially conversion rates at each critical step of a purchase, from someone adding a product to their cart all the way through to purchasing the product. They help to identify whether leads are converting at a high, average, or low rate, so you can assess whether you need to revise and optimize your campaign. Knowing which funnel to optimize though can be difficult, without a deeper dive into the user journey and behaviour.

On the Squaredance platform, select one of your campaigns on the left menu, and then select the Funnels tab.

That’s why we’re introducing new funnel metric recommendations for Partners on Squaredance! We trained our machine learning to recommend personalized funnels based on a Partner’s habits, past campaign performance, and any other metadata provided through our platform. It even considers data from other similar partners!

How do I interpret this data? 

When using funnel metrics, there are two signals to pay attention to: 

1. Confidence signals:

The bars show how confident we are that this funnel will perform based on lead source and geo. 

2. Historical signals:

The lead and conversion rates shows data within the past 6 months across all partners. 

If both signals are strong, it's a good indication that this funnel will be successful. 

If the historical signals are low but the confidence signal is high, it's still likely a very good indicator, and you may want to test it out! 

If both signals are low, we wouldn’t recommend it for you but you’re welcome to investigate further before testing.

We believe this new level of transparency will help bring your attention to new opportunities, inform important decisions, and most of all, improve overall performance. 

So, test it out today and let us know what you think!

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